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Welcome to Skoden: Teaching, Talking, and Sharing About and for Reconciliation. The word Skoden originates from the expression, “let’s go then,” and this resource is designed for use by faculty, staff, and administrators working in post-secondary settings in Canada.

The purpose of this text is to offer support to individuals and institutions working towards understanding the colonial history of Canada and its ongoing impact on people who are First Nations, Métis, and Inuit. Skoden is designed to offer opportunities for reflection on what this truth means for each of us personally and professionally.

These materials were prepared by Elder Blu Waters, Randy Pitawanakwat, and Darcey Dachyshyn, with the support of many others. We are a team of First Nations and non-Indigenous colleagues who work together closely to share truth and talk openly about what reconciliation might look and feel like within post-secondary settings. We hope the information and opportunities for reflection provided here meet you wherever you are on the truth and reconciliation journey.

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