7 Techniques for Individual Communication with Students

Office Hours

Meeting with a student for advice in office hours or tutorial is important, and being able to literally be on the same page means finding a good way for the student to show you their work, and vice versa. Try this: (Video 1:05)

Alternately, if the student is running zoom directly on a tablet or phone they can use the switch camera button to share the view from the back of the device.

Zoom Annotation Tricks

The zoom site does a good job of explaining annotation, but I got stumped on how to make it work for handwriting with my setup, where I would like to use my Apple pencil to annotate a screen share from my own computer or from a student. These steps seem to work:

  • Start the meeting as usual with the campus Zoom id (e.g. queensu.zoom.us) on the main computer and share a screen. Do some annotation, even something as simple as moving the spotlight.
  • Join the meeting from the iPad using another id (I use my facebook linked Zoom id) and you should be able to see the screen share. (Join with no video or audio to avoid feedback and strange view angles on the video.)
  • Tap the middle of the screen to get the annotation icon to show, then tap the icon to show the annotation tools! Tap the icon again to stop annotation.


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