Itinerarium Peregrinorum

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Medieval Title:

Itinerarium Peregrinorum


Composite Composition


Exists in 2 main versions. H.E. Mayer (1962) identifies an original shorter version (IP1) and a later, expanded version (IP2). Helen Nicholson suggests IP1 was produced by a crusader who combined oral accounts of events in 1187-89, a “written account of the German crusade,” and a largely eyewitness written account of the Siege of Acre to make his narrative. In IP2 a chronicler usually identified as Richard de Templo, prior of the Augustinian priory of Holy Trinity in London, adds a Latin translation of Ambroise’s Estoire, materials from other sources, and chapter headings (2001, 1–17). Scholarly debate about the details of composition continues.



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Brief Summary: 

A Latin chronicle of the Third Crusade (1189-92 CE) which recounts events from the perspective of crusaders following Richard I of England (b. 1157 CE, d.1199 CE). It also presents a detailed narrative of events leading up to the crusade, including the capture of the Kingdom of Jerusalem’s Holy Cross relic by Saladin’s forces at the Battle of Hattin (1187 CE).

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Manuscripts, Editions, and Translations


(for a full list including fragments see Meyer’s edition)

  • Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale, MS 14775-14776, s. xii
  • Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 129, s. xiv (MS C; base of Stubbs’s edition)
  • Cambridge, University Library, MS Ff. I. 25, s. xiii-xvi
  • Dublin, Trinity College, MS. E. 4. 21, s. xiii
  • London, British Library, Cotton Faustina MS A. VII, s. xiii
  • London, British Library, Additional MS 21088, s. xvi
  • Manchester, John Rylands Library. MS. Lat. 214, s. xiv
  • Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, MS Lat. 10185, s. xiii (MS G; base of Mayer’s edition)
  • Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, MS. Lat. 17153, s. xv
  • Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, MS. Lat 6044, s. xvi
  • Rome, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana Cod. Reg. Lat. 690, s. xiii

List of Editions of the Medieval Text: 

Itinerarium peregrinorum et gesta Regis ricardi, auctore, ut videtur, Ricardo canonico Sanctae Trinitatis Londoniensis, in Vol. 1 of Chronicles and Memorials of the Reign of Richard I, 2 vols, ed. William Stubbs, Rolls Series 38 (London, 1864-65) (MS C)


Das Itinerarium Peregrinorum. Eine Zeitgenössische englische Chronik zum dritten Kreuzzug in ursprünglicher Gestalt, ed. H. E. Mayer, MGH Schriften 18 (Stuttgart: Anton Hiersemann, 1962) (MS G with variants interwoven)

List of Translations of the Medieval Text: 

The Chronicle of the Third Crusade: A Translation of the Itinerarium Peregrinorum et Gesta Regis Ricardi, trans. Helen J. Nicholson (Aldershot, 1997) (translation of Stubbs edition of MS C)



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