Book Title: Historical and Contemporary Realities: Movement Towards Reconciliation

Subtitle: The Traditional and Cultural Significance of the Lands Encompassing the District of Greater Sudbury and Area

Author: Susan Manitowabi

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The idea behind the creation of this open textbook is twofold. First, it is written as a resource for educators to teach students about the Indigenous historical significance of the lands encompassing the Robinson-Huron Treaty area and more specifically the Greater Sudbury and Manitoulin area. Secondly, through the use of interactive mapping strategies, the textbook will serve as a guide for educators to develop a similar resource to document Indigenous stories from their own areas. This open textbook is designed to be used at an introductory level to teach about social welfare issues within the Honours Bachelor of Indigenous Social Work program situated in the School of Indigenous Relations at Laurentian University. The material contained within this open textbook is broad enough that it can be used in other disciplines – sociology, education, law and justice, architecture, etc. Fo This text consists of six chapters. Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the gathering of Indigenous stories and their historical significance within the Greater Sudbury area. Chapters 2 – 5 are strucured using the medicine wheel as its framework. Finally, Chapter 6 focuses on braiding Indigenous and Western approaches.


Susan Manitowabi



Indigenous peoples


Historical and Contemporary Realities: Movement Towards Reconciliation
Susan Manitowabi
Bettina Brockerhoff-Macdonald
Daniel Coté and David Fortin
Joël Dickinson
Adam Babin and Anissa Goupil
Primary Subject
Indigenous peoples