Exploring AI Tools

Popular Generative AI Tools

In the table below, we have compiled a selection of the most popular generative AI tools that have potential to enhance aspects of teaching and research. These tools include both text generators and text-to-image generators. Use this table to explore functionalities, pricing, strengths and limitations and potential applications of these AI tools.

Comparison of AI Tools
AI Tool Pricing Description Strength Limitation
ChatGPT Free & paid versions Generative text AI by OpenAI. The most popular and effective generative text AI. Can generate human-like responses. Highly interactive with a wide range of applications. Can understand context and provide detailed responses. Occasionally generates inaccurate or nonsensical responses.
Copilot Free Microsoft’s AI tool connected to its search engine. Can create responses that draw on the internet currently. Integration with search for current information. Provides a wide range of search results. Responses may be less refined than other AI tools. Limited control over generated content.
Copilot365 Included with Microsoft 365 An AI tool within the Office 365 suite for task automation and content assistance in applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Integrates with Microsoft Office, user-friendly, advanced content and data handling. Requires Office 365, limited to functionalities within Microsoft applications.
DALLE Free OpenAI’s generative model that can generate images from textual descriptions, allowing users to create unique visual content. Capable of producing high-quality images based on text inputs. Provides creative output and customizable options. Limited to generating images only. Requires clear and detailed textual descriptions to generate accurate visuals.
MidJourney Free trial – paid version A generative image tool that can be accessed through Discord, a messaging platform. Allows users to create unique visual content. Convenient for users familiar with Discord. Provides a variety of image styles and customization options. Requires Discord, which might not be accessible or preferred by all users. Generated images may lack fine details or realism.
Claude Free Generative text AI that allows you to upload large text files (a few hundred pages) that can provide additional context for the questions that you ask of it. Handles extensive context from large text uploads. Can generate detailed and coherent responses. May not be as sophisticated in shorter, quick-turnaround queries. Limited availability of specific features in the free version. Not currently available in Canada.
Bard Free Google’s generative AI tool that connected to its search engine. Allows you to upload a file to provide additional context and generate responses. Google’s vast data at its disposal for rich responses. Provides options for context customization. Still in development, may not be as polished or widely available. Generated content may require additional editing for coherence. Not currently available in Canada.

Here are example prompts and corresponding outputs from each of the AI tools mentioned in the table:

ChatGPT Prompt: “Can you explain the concept of photosynthesis?”

Copilot Prompt: “What are the main causes of climate change?”

DALLE Prompt: “Generate an image of a serene sunset over a calm lake.”

MidJourney Prompt: “Create a digital art piece inspired by nature.”

Claude Prompt: “Provide a detailed explanation of the Pythagorean theorem.”

Bard Prompt: “What are the key features of a democratic government?”

Please note that the outputs generated by these AI tools are based on training data and may not always be accurate or contextually appropriate. It’s important to critically evaluate and verify the information generated by these tools.


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