6 Online Resources

Resources are key to success! Within this chapter, you will discover that there are many online resources that you can use to improve your academic grades as well as your overall university experience.

The list below was created by senior-level students and contains resources that they utilized during their undergraduate careers. Enjoy!

6.1 List of General Resources

  1. Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)
    • For formatting and style guides (e.g. APA/MLA)
  2. BibMe or Citation Machine
    • Free citation makers (use with caution*→ always double-check formatting)
  3. Wiley or PubMed or Elsevier or Microsoft Academic
    • Online libraries that contain credible journals and research resources
    • *Remember to use your University’s library for more information
  4. Grammarly
    • Corrects grammar, delivery style, spelling and detects plagiarism
  5. Creative Commons
    • Find licensed videos and pictures to freely use within projects
  6. Quizlet
    • Allows students to study information via learning tools and games
  7. Evernote
    • Helps students with note-taking, organization, and task management
  8. Khan Academy
    • Short lessons on a large variety of subjects in the form of videos
  9. Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
    • Apply to receive student grants, loans, scholarships, and bursaries
  10. Genius Scan or CamScanner
    • Scan any document with your phone (download the apps)
  11. WolframAlpha
    • Step-by-step solutions for differential calculus, integral, science, finance, and even fitness equations
  12. Symbolab
    • Math calculator for algebra, trigonometry and calculus problems
  13. Bubbl or Coggle or MindMeister
    • Brainstorming tools – create visual diagrams of ideas for presentations
  14. Desmos
    • Graphing calculator – a web and mobile application
  15. Wellness Applications
    • Anxiety Reliever, Happify, Mindshift, CPT Coach.
  16. Improving Technical Skills
    • Youtube videos that can assist you with improving your technical skills
  17. Checklist to Succeed in Online Labs
    • A student checklist that contains ideas on how to succeed in an online lab

6.2 University of Windsor Resources

Below are specific University of Windsor resources for students in the Windsor-Essex County community:

  1. Leddy Library
    • Contains credible journals and research resources
    • Contact a faculty-specific librarian for help on assignments and papers
  2. Academic Advising
    • Assistance with courses, academic progress, degree requirements
  3. UWinsite
    • Registering for your courses
  4. Student Counselling Centre
  5. Information Technology (IT) Services
    • Assistance with technical issues
  6. Student Accessibility Services (SAS) 
    • Services intended to facilitate the inclusion of all students
  7. International Student Centre
    • Any inquires as an international student can be answered
  8. Student Health Services 
    • Healthcare and dental needs, opting out services
  9. MySuccess
    • Access to job opportunities, employment-related resources, appointment booking with our staff and information about upcoming events
  10. Registrar’s Office 
    • Information regarding awards, financial aid, registering for courses and more
  11. Online Learning Tips 
    • Quick tips and tricks to help guide you through online courses


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