Appendix 6 – Employee Orientation Checklist

Category 1: Prior to Start Date
Personnel requisition form Application (signed and completed)
Reference check information and interview notes Written offer of employment
Training and paperwork documentation ready for start date Company literature
An organizational chart and map of the building(s) A comprehensive employee handbook that details company policies, procedures, and standards
A glossary of industry or company-specific terminology and acronyms A list of internal contacts for inquiries related to payroll, benefits, technical support, etc.
Category 2: Start Date Responsibilities
2A) Receive the Employee
Review a copy of the employee’s application Be familiar with the employee’s experience, training, and education
Review the job description with the employee, including the duties, responsibilities, and working relationships Provide employee with new-employee workbook
Ensure employee signs all applicable documentation Direct deposit authorization form
Fill out employee benefit forms Explain the total organization and how the employee fits in
Ascertain future career goals of the employee Outline department specific goals and objectives
Review the following
Probationary period Performance review process
Salary increase Work hours, breaks, mealtimes, and other rules
Equipment, such as telephone, and copier machine Duties, responsibilities, purpose
Handling of confidential information Performance expectations/goals

Safety/emergency procedures

(safety orientation checklist)

Emergency exits Reporting injuries
2B) Welcome the employee
Introduce the new employee to co-workers Indicate to each co-worker what the new employee’s position will be
Explain the functions of each person to the new employee as you introduce them Tour the department, plant, and company
Explain where the lavatories, coffee, and/or break areas and the parking facilities are located Set a time and date within one week to address any questions or concerns of the new employee and check progress
2C) Introduce the employee
Ensure the new employee’s work area, equipment, tools, and supplies are prepared and available Have the employee sign for any tools, equipment, vehicles, etc. provided by the company
Explain the levels of supervision within the department Provide the new employee with the necessary or required training (employee training plan)
Review general administrative procedures Explain the hours of work, overtime procedures, call-in procedures
Give the new employee the department telephone number Explain company products and services.


Acknowledgment and Agreement

I, [employee name], acknowledge that I have read and understand the employer orientation checklist of [company name].


Name: Signature:



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