§32. Chapter 4: Exercises

1.  What word-ending makes it certain that a Latin adjective must belong to the 1st and 2nd declension type?



2.  List four Latin adjectives whose English derivative is the Latin word-base plus -e:

a.   _________________________ c.   ________________________
b.   _________________________ d.   ________________________


(Questions 3 and 4 will require the use of your English dictionary.)

3.  For each of the following English adjectives, give the LATIN ADJECTIVE and its ORIGINAL LATIN MEANING (which may or may not be its current meaning today):

English adjective Latin adjective Meaning
e.g.  horrid horridus shaggy, rough
a.  tepid  __________________________  __________________________
b.  pristine  __________________________  __________________________
c.  antique  __________________________  __________________________
d.  fecund  __________________________  __________________________
e.  vapid  __________________________  __________________________
f.  clandestine  __________________________  __________________________


4.  Give the ETYMOLOGICAL MEANING of the following English words (all Latin adverbs):

a.  interim _____________________ d.  seriatim _____________________
b.  circa _____________________ e.  ibid(em) _____________________
c.  quondam _____________________ f.  alias _____________________

 For Key to Exercises (Latin), see Appendix I.


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