Patrick’s Thoughts on the Process

So! This process all started with our supervisor “Dave” asking us to pick a trend from a government-provided list. There were a lot of options on the list and the one that I gravitated to more was the one about climate change and the one about overpopulation. I guess I gravitated towards those ones because it was the clearest in terms of what I could see the future possibly looking at based on today’s people’s actions.

Then from there my co-workers and I started to create our own perceived Futures based on these trends and try to identify which skills we would need in order to excel in them. I did find the entire process rather enjoyable however I will say that there were times when I was a bit confused as to the thought process and the road map. I knew our end goal was some kind of presentation so I was struggling with finding the connection between where I was while making these futures and how it would turn into a presentation.

I think what I enjoyed the most out of this entire process was how we connected it to real life, for example, when we talk about the company town scenario it was based on not only the company towns that have existed in the past but also movies like “The Lorax” which have very similar plot lines and make it very easy to identify the pros and cons as well as the skills needed in these scenarios.

At the time of writing this, we are much closer to the presentation date than before and I do feel much more prepared which has relieved a lot of stress. And I now understand why he had us do all this research beforehand. It was to help familiarize ourselves with the content.

I can honestly say I’m excited about this presentation but I’m also excited to see how our audience members will react to what we have to say. We intend to have sections with interactions where the audience can provide us with their feedback. Hopefully, that will help the audience reflect on what we’re presenting.


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