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Picture of Yelin Su, an Educational Developer in the Teaching Commons

Dr. Yelin Su

Dr. Yelin Su is an Educational Developer at the Teaching Commons in  York University. She has an Ed.D. in Educational Technology.   Her work focuses on providing pedagogical support and consultations for university teaching staff in face-to-face and online learning environment, the design and delivery of  faculty professional development programs, and the program cyclical review.

Yelin has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and developing learning objects for technology enhanced teaching and Learning. She supports faculty members to apply for and implement internal and external funding, such as York University’s Academic Innovation Fund and eCampusOntario fund, to utilize technology effectively for learning. She is actively engaging in projects with teaching and administrative colleagues across York University to develop materials and resources to facilitate the effective implementation of the eLearning.

Yelin is also actively engaged in educational research. She has designed, led, and coordinated various research projects. Her research interests focus mostly on constructive alignment, learning environment, students’ academic achievement, learning approaches, student retention, and quality assurance.

Lisa Endersby

Lisa Endersby is currently an Educational Developer in the Teaching Commons at York University, where she supports faculty in exploring experiential learning and reflection as pedagogy, alongside collaborative contributions to research and scholarship in the field.

Lisa is also a doctoral student pursuing a PhD in Educational Studies at the University of Windsor. Her work is within the stream of Cognition and Learning, where she is exploring online communities of practice as a medium for professional development and identity-work in higher education.

Lisa has enjoyed a variety of working and learning experiences, including positions in career services, new student orientation, leadership development, and experiential education. Lisa has also served as a volunteer for numerous professional associations and initiatives, including past Chair of the NASPA Technology Knowledge Community (TKC), a team lead for the ACPA assessment planning initiative, and a member of the Next Gen program committee for ACPA 2016, the first ACPA convention held in Canada. She is also Co-Editor of Going Digital in Student Leadership, an volume of New Directions in Student Leadership published by Jossey-Bass.


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