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Primary Author: Adrienne Watt

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Adrienne Watt holds a computer systems diploma (BCIT), a bachelor’s degree in technology (BCIT) and a master’s degree in business administration (City University).

Since 1989, Adrienne has worked as an educator and gained extensive experience developing and delivering business and technology curriculum to post-secondary students. During that time, she ran a successful software development business. In the business, she worked as an IT professional in a variety of senior positions including project manager, database designer, administrator and business analyst. Recently she has been exploring a wide range of technology-related tools and processes to improve delivery methods and enhance learning for her students.

Contributing Author: Nelson Eng

Nelson Eng

Nelson Eng completed his bachelor’s degree in commerce (accounting and management information systems) from the University of British Columbia and a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Western Ontario. He spent 11 years as a computer systems coordinator with Science World of B.C. and 14 years as a computer science and information systems instructor with Douglas College. 


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