3 Program Alignment to University Priorities

Part 4 of the Self-Study Template (v. 2023/2024) is titled Program Alignment with University Priorities. Throughout the sub-sections of Part 4, you are guided to comment on how the academic program(s) under review (and/or the unit/department more broadly) relate to various institutional priorities, including:

  • the mission or strategic plan for the Faculty or School
  • interdisciplinary research
  • interdependence between research and teaching
  • community engagement
  • innovative pedagogies and educational technology
  • globally-engaged curriculum
  • academic integrity
  • equity, diversity, inclusivity, and Indigenization

Reading though this list, you might already be able to say that some of these priorities are areas of strengths for the academic program, while others are less so. Keep in mind that Section 4 can continue to highlight areas of strength in particular areas. For example, a master’s program that has prioritized interdisciplinary research and perspectives by offering students community-based research partnerships would have strengths in the research-focused priorities.

Facilitative Questions

  • What priority areas are most closely aligned to the mission, intent and focus of our academic program?
  • Which academic priorities are inherent in what we do and why?
  • Which academic priorities have not been our primary focus? Why?
  • How would we contextualize these priorities for ourselves? For example, what does community engagement look like in the context of our discipline and program(s)?

Additional Resources

The next section elaborates on elements of equity, diversity, inclusion, and Indigenization within your self-study. Additionally, the following Queen’s resources are suggested when exploring priority avenues:

Globally-Engaged Curriculum: Yunyi Chen, Educational Developer (Program and Curriculum Globalization), Centre for Teaching & Learning

Community Engagement: Experiential Learning Hub

Academic Integrity: AI at Queen’s web resources

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