Academic Writing

Canadian college students submit written and oral assignments as a way of demonstrating their understanding of course content.

Common academic assignments include research papers, reports, reflective responses, and presentations.

Your teachers will explain specific assignment requirements, but, generally speaking, assignments for Confederation College courses must be submitted using the APA documentation system.  When submitting an APA-style paper, you must follow specific page formatting (margins, font, spacing, indentation) requirements. APA-style papers also must include citations and references to show where cited information is from.

Learning to write according to strict style conventions is an important skill as many companies expect employees to follow an in-house style guide for internal and external communications.

In addition, unless stated otherwise, written assignments should be written in an academic style. This means that information is organized into paragraphs. Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence, and the paragraph explores one topic in a highly organized way.

Your assignments will be graded on formatting and style as well as on content. Many instructors will also deduct marks for poor grammar and disorganization.

Writing accurately and in an organized way is essential to succeed in college, and good writing is also critical to succeed in business. Business reports, for example, are usually written using standard paragraph conventions and must be grammatically correct.


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