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Presentation software is designed to allow the user to present information in an engaging way with text, pictures, sound, and video. It is a way to communicate ideas in a powerful, organized manner. It utilizes sequences of slides that accompany a spoken presentation. The presentation may also be recorded and posted online. The slides are consolidated in virtual files called slide decks. Communication skills are necessary for many careers. Presentation software can help to deliver a message online or in-person to a large audience or small group. The goal is to create a presentation that will leave a lasting impression on the audience, and not distract them from the message you are delivering. The ultimate goal is to create dynamic, interesting presentations that engage your audience.

Common presentation software programs:

Presentation Software Type Key Features
Microsoft PowerPoint App Available across many platforms including mobile devices for ease of useArguably the most commonly used presentation software in business

Powerful and easy to use

Integrates well with Microsoft Office

Apple Keynote App Included with most Apple devicesReal time collaboration

Use Apple Pencil on your iPad to create diagrams or illustrations that bring your slides to life

Google Slides App Integrates with other Google AppsUnique audience Q&A feature

Advanced web publishing features

Going forward, we will focus primarily on Microsoft PowerPoint.

Since Microsoft PowerPoint is widely used in business, and we are using Microsoft Windows, we will focus on this presentation software. There are many similarities across presentation software, so the skills we are learning can be translated to other systems. Some of the tasks in PowerPoint may seem familiar because they were used in other applications. The following ‘Practice It’ assignments are designed to be completed using Microsoft PowerPoint in Office 365 on a PC with Windows 10 or higher. You may need to download the Professional version of Office 365 (which is free to students) to access all features.


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