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This book is an adaptation of Fundamentals of Business: Canadian Edition by Business Faculty from Ontario Colleges and eCampusOntario Program Managers Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

The following changes were made in this version:


Overall Changes Formatting changes and the addition of content references into each chapter (opposed to separate sections).

Removal of the H5P activities. Re-organization of chapters. Addition of Key terms from the BC Campus Version and creation of Key terms for some chapters. Addition of golf examples and context.
Removal of the following chapters:

  • Chp 5 – Business in a Global Environment
  • Chp 10 – Operations management
  • Chp 13 – Union Management Issues
  • Chp 16 – Personal Finances
Chapter 1 Re-organized content and added golf examples.
Chapter 2 Removed section “Why Is Apple Successful?”
Chapter 2.1 Removed the section on Apple. Removed “toying with a business idea”Changed financial statement example from Apple to re-gripping business.
Chapter 3 Apples example changed to golf balls
Chapter 4 Added new TED Talk video, removed Youtube video titled “Canada’s Leader”, Removed Bell:Code of Business Conduct, Removed Tylenol Case Study,Added article on Golf Course Fraud, Added “Gifting” policy from the London Hunt and CC, added access to PGA of Canada best practices policy, added link to “We are Golf” Economic Impact Study 2019
Chapter 5 Removed “Ice Cream Man” introduction, Replaced “Forms of Business” YouTube video, Removed cooperative example and replaced with “London Brewing”
Chapter 6 Added Leap Junction information, Removed Arts and Crafts Collective Beer Example and replaced with Burford Golf Links Example, Added Dragon’s Den Video, Removed Amazon example, Included NGCOA Articles, Added Global Golf Equipment Size, Added video for Top Golf
Chapter 7 Added ClubLink Mission Statement, Added CSCM Article “A Brush with Greatness”, removed Twitter example – Pepsi Ad
Chapter 8 Added Golf Organizational Chart, removed Adidas example, removed educational institution chart Added NGCOA article
Chapter 9 Added golf articles and examples
Chapter 10 Added spotlight on RiverBend GC, removed “the grounds of a great work environment”, added Copetown Woods example
Chapter 11 Removed “Robot with Attitude” example, added NGCOA article “Marketing to Millennials”, removed Doritos example, removed brand strategies image, removed all references to the “Robosapien” example, added new golf examples of personal selling, sales promotions and public relations, added NGCOA “Crushing it on Social Media”, removed Prime Minister” You tube video, removed PepsiCo. example



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