Appendix 1: Glossary


Aboriginal First Nations, Inuit, and Metis
activism Doing things that support change in the world
bill A suggested law that is presented to the government
challenge Something difficult
communist Someone who believes the government should own everything. People and companies should not own property, like houses or cars.
compassion A feeling of wanting to help someone in trouble
conflict Being unable to agree
debate A discussion where people express different viewpoints about something
declined Became worse
despair A feeling of no hope
discriminate To unfairly treat a person differently from other people
editorial An article in a newspaper or magazine that reflects the opinion of the editors
equal The same for each person
federal The level of government responsible for things that affect the whole country
fondly In a loving way
guilty Responsible for carrying out a crime or doing something wrong
heathen A racist word used to describe people who do not follow a Christian religion
income assistance Money that the government gives people who are out of work, sick, disabled, or old
injustice Unfair treatment
inspire Affect someone in a way that leads her or him to do good things
judgment The act of forming an opinion about someone or something that is sometimes disapproving
lawyer A person who helps people with the law
limp Floppy or without strength
military The army, navy, and air force
MLA Member of the Legislative Assembly. A person who voters choose to represent their area in the provincial government
movement Organized actions taken by people working together to achieve something
Nazi A member of a German political party controlled by Adolf Hitler
optimism A feeling that good things will happen in the future
organization A company, business, club, or group that was put together for a special purpose
premier The leader of a province
product Something that is sold in stores
queer Someone whose gender or romantic relationships are outside of what is traditional
rapid Fast
RCMP The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, also known as Mounties
reserve A small piece of land the government forced First Nations people to live on
residential school Schools that Aboriginal children in Canada were forced by the government to attend. The goal was to remove the children from their families and culture so that they would become more like the white settlers.
respect Treating people in a way that shows they are important
responsibility Having the job of taking care of something or someone
Senate One of the groups that help make laws in Canada
socialist Someone who believes the government should run health care, schools, and other major services
state The government
trauma A very difficult experience that causes someone to have mental and emotional problems for a long time


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