Standard Operating Procedure Assignment

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Author(s): Linda Facchini
Affiliation: Seneca College

Level: Diploma / Advanced Diploma, 3rd year

Learning Outcomes

  • Research, through self-directed study, a specified sub-topic of biochemistry, biotechnology or biology in order to summarize and present key elements.
  • Generate appropriate diagrams and reports to summarize findings in a meaningful way.


In this assignment, students source an experimental method from a published research study of their choice that aligns with the focus of their independent research project. They then convert the published method into a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that would be used by a biotechnology R&D laboratory. The SOP must follow a prescribed format typically used in the industry. In addition to the protocol, the SOP must include scope and applicability, safety information, materials and instrumentation, and references.

Students are provided with examples of SOPs and links to SOP writing resources. Students are given 2 weeks to submit a draft, and one additional week to finalize the document based on feedback.

The assignment is graded using a points-based checklist for each section of the SOP.

Facchini, L. (2022). Standard Operating Procedure Assignment. In Seneca College, Durham College, Algonquin College, University of Ottawa (Eds.), Rethinking Assessment Strategies for Online Learning – Exemplar Collection. Open Library. Retrieved [month] [day], [year], from


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