H5P activities list

ID Title Activity type View
1intro KTDrag Text
2Intro KT 2Question Set
3Audience TypesDrag Text
4Audience AnalysisAccordion
5Purpose of Message 1 (Audience)Drag Text
6Purpose of Message 2 (Audience)Drag Text
7Audience ScenariosAccordion
8Audience final check inDrag Text
9Audience final check in 2Question Set
10Comm Channel 3Q checkQuestion Set
11Comm Channel final checkQuestion Set
12Example 1 Plain LangDrag Text
13Example 2 Plain LangDrag Text
14Active or passiveQuestion Set
15Using active verbsAccordion
16Using active verbs 2 (P1)Accordion
17Final Check Plain LangQuestion Set
18Comm Purp and VisualFlashcards
19Pic is Worth 1 000Question Set
20Feedback Check 1Question Set
21tryingQuestion Set
22Feedback Check 2Question Set
23Feedback Check 3Question Set
24Feedback Final CheckQuestion Set
25Bianca's TestMultiple Choice
26Parts of speechAccordion
27Parts of speech quizQuestion Set
28Sentence types quizQuestion Set
29Schoolhouse Rocks ConjunctionsIframe Embedder
31Prepositions and ConjunctionsDrag Text
32Dangling modifiers quizQuestion Set
33Fewer or less quizFill in the Blanks
34comma and semicolonsFill in the Blanks
35Quotation MarksQuestion Set
36ContractionsQuestion Set
37Active ListeningMultiple Choice
38Effective ListeningMultiple Choice
39Terms and EthnicitiesDrag Text
40Hearing and ListeningMultiple Choice
41Presentation SkillsMultiple Choice
42Professional benefitMultiple Choice
43People First LanguageDrag Text
44Comm and Diversity Check InQuestion Set
45Visual Perception: Do You See What I See?Image Slider
46Team RolesIframe Embedder
47mono- to InterculturalAccordion
48Cross Cultural Check InQuestion Set
49Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
50Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
51Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
52Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
53Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
54Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
55Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
56Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
57Diffuse ConflictAccordion
58Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
59Worsen ConflictAccordion
60Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
61Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
62Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
63Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
64Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
65Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
66Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
67Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
68Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
69Check Your UnderstandingMultiple Choice
70Check Your UnderstandingTrue/False Question
71Check Your UnderstandingTrue/False Question
72Check Your UnderstandingTrue/False Question
73Check Your UnderstandingTrue/False Question
74Check Your UnderstandingTrue/False Question
75Check Your UnderstandingTrue/False Question
76Check Your UnderstandingTrue/False Question
77Mnemonic DevicesDrag Text
78Interpersonal FinalQuestion Set
79Business Letter SectionsAccordion
80Business LetterQuestion Set
81Test - Lib WizardIframe Embedder
82Organizing Principle and Explanation of ProcessAccordion
83Parallelism in SentencesQuestion Set
84Developing a TopicIframe Embedder
85Internet Searching TipsIframe Embedder
86Evaluating Internet Sources & Fake NewsIframe Embedder
87APA Citation StyleIframe Embedder
88EmailsQuestion Set
89Writing in a Professional ContextQuestion Set
90Revising written documentsQuestion Set
91Plagiarism ModuleIframe Embedder
92Copyright ModuleIframe Embedder
93Feedback for Future ImprovementsIframe Embedder
94AUDIENCE Analysis FormDocumentation Tool
95How to Avoid Death by PowerPointIframe Embedder
96EmailsQuestion Set
97Business Letter SectionsAccordion
98Business LetterQuestion Set
99Writing in a Professional ContextQuestion Set
100Revising written documentsQuestion Set