This project was supported and funded by eCampusOntario .

I would like to thank  Keith Ambachtsheer, Director Emeritus of the Rotman International Centre for Pension Management, University of Toronto, and President of KPA Advisory Services, for his expert consultation on the content of this book.

Bob Baldwin, Expert Advisor for the Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions and former Director of Social and Economic Policy for the Canadian Labour Congress, also contributed insights on the content.

The pedagogy underlying this open textbook was developed with the help of Nobuko Fujita of the Office of Open Learning, University of Windsor. Our vision of this open textbook platform is that it will be eclectic, and a living resource that will evolve to respond to new developments, data and information and emerging challenges. Hence the book is in the continuous process of revision and evolution.

Nobuko also edited drafts of the book with Erica Lyons, and formatted it in PressBooks.

Ryan J. Frith designed the original cover art, provided graphical design consultation on PressBooks, and created many of the tables and figures in the book.

I also thank Paul Rousseau, for his excellent suggestion about getting a buy-in from young graduates about pensions by encouraging them to go out and gather stories from retirees and those near retirement.




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