6 Campus Spaces

Campus Classroom Technologies

All of the technologies available in classroom spaces on McMaster campus are supported through Campus Classroom Technologies. They can be reached by phone at ext. 22761. It is highly recommended that you reach out to them in advance of the start of your course(s) to request information such as projector cabinet lock codes, computer podium access, or other technologies you may want to use, like iClickers or Echo360. When preparing for teaching, we recommend visiting the space beforehand to determine what questions you can ask CCT.

Active Learning Classrooms

McMaster has a number of Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) in the L.R. Wilson Building and the Peter George Centre for Living and Learning. Active Learning Classrooms differ from traditional classrooms in that they encourage sustained collaboration among students and shift the focus from the instructor. Accordingly, ALCs require instructors to plan their courses with different considerations in mind, such as how to reduce the amount of lecture time and how to organize lessons around group participation and assessment.


McMaster has a number of resources about teaching in ALCs, including this site from the Faculty of Social Sciences. The MacPherson Institute also runs a seminar on Teaching in McMaster’s Active Learning Classrooms; you can find more information here.


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