Appendix A: Course Prep Checklist

As you plan for a new semester, there are a number of administrative considerations to keep in mind to make sure that your classes get off to a good start.


Connect with an administrator in your department or program:

Meet with your TAs (if applicable) to discuss their duties and sign their Hours of Work form

Create and submit the course outline to the department by the deadline they have set, if applicable

Determine if your department provides support for copying or for the preparation of teaching materials, such as syllabi/course outlines


Selecting course resources:

Have you ordered your books and materials?

Have you considered providing multiple options for students with disabilities (e.g., digital alternatives, materials compatible with screen readers)?

Have you considered copyright and fair use?

Have you considered open educational resources?


Prepare for the first class

Visit the classroom(s) in which you will be teaching

Gather teaching materials, such as chalk, dry erase markers, etc. that you may need for teaching

Determine if the classroom is appropriate in terms of class size, physical arrangement, and A/V equipment. Is another classroom required? If so, speak with your department timetable representative

Prepare an introductory activity to get to know your students

Sign in to review and acknowledge any accommodation letters your students may have had


Teaching your first class

Introduce yourself and any background information or experiences you would like to share

Give students the opportunity to introduce themselves to you and/or each other

Review the syllabus and/or course website with the class to clarify your course/university policies, grading scheme, important dates, late submissions, etc.

Define parameters around classroom etiquette

Offer tips for studying and doing well in your discipline, as appropriate


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