Aims and Structure of The Book

Aims and Structure of The Book

This book exists to facilitate interprofessional education and collaboration between massage therapists and health care teams. As the practice of massage therapy moves into mainstream medical care for a number of physical ailments, students and practicing massage therapists have an urgent need for a clinical resource that will be continuously updated as new research becomes available. The primary goal of this resource is to turn recent policy changes into actionable gains for the advancement of our profession globally, by:

  1. Identifying and describing key postulates and applications of an evidence-based framework.
  2. Providing an overview of current research findings and their practical implications for massage therapists.
  3. Fostering a culture of evidence-based practice by incorporating new scientific findings and methods into clinical practice.

This Book is a Living Document

This is an Open Educational Resource (OER) to disseminate evidence-informed options for assessing and treating people living with chronic pain.

This resource is a living document that will be periodically updated to ensure current best practices are in place. In addition, it will be monitored and updated throughout the life cycle, based off Paul Hibbits Learning & Technology Development Process Model and it will be updated and systematically edited for clarity and flow


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