Intended Learning Outcomes

Overall goals:

Learning does not occur by accident! In this module, we hope to empower you to take greater ownership of your learning, set strategic goals with a defined pathway to achieving them, and develop increased autonomy.


1) Use the concept of and its associated 3-phase learning cycle to:

      • Describe self-regulated learning in your own words
      • Describe each of the three phases of the self-regulated learning cycle in your own words
      • Identify common myths about learning
      • Self-assess study habits and thinking
      • Rate personal feelings towards a course

2) Use the concept of to:

      • Develop and practice your
      • Recognize that thoughts and feelings are natural products of the mind, and by exercising control, you can let them pass without becoming entangled or distracted
      • Learn to not be overpowered by emotions or thoughts in directing your actions
      • Practice developing mindful awareness through meditation activities
      • Incorporate mindfulness into daily activities
      • Apply the mindfulness skills learned in the Growth & Goals module to future courses and life challenges

3) Use the concept of to:

      • Describe a growth and fixed mindset in your own words
      • Identify growth and fixed mindset statements
      • Transform fixed mindset statements into growth mindset statements
      • Construct strategies to deal with failure and build resiliency  (Note: this learning outcome is currently not addressed but will be added to the module)

4) Use goal-setting skills to:

      • Identify and construct
      • Construct a personalized schedule for a university semester to achieve goals
      • Define and refine your priorities and use them to set your own goals for a course or personal endeavour

5) Use the concept of to:

      • Rate your current ability towards the course’s learning outcomes and provide an explanation for your rating
      • Identify resources and strategies that you will use to reach your goals
      • Explain to what extent the skills acquired from the module can be used in other settings
      • Apply skills from the Growth & Goals module to other courses and life challenges (Note: this learning outcome is currently not addressed but will be added to the module)
      • Describe the course’s intended learning outcomes in your own words (Note: this learning outcome is currently not addressed but will be added to the module)


Learners who complete this module will ideally use the new concepts and skills in new contexts, develop greater self-awareness, ability to self-correct and , set and achieve in any aspect of their lives, develop greater efficacy for learning, experts in their own learning, become better able to embrace and take risks, including accepting failure and bouncing back ().

What are your intended learning outcomes for the module?

In this section, write down the learning outcomes you wish to achieve with this module by referring back to the list of intended learning outcomes we provided. Re-read the list and reflect on which learning outcomes you feel you need to focus on, or which outcomes you feel would be especially valuable to you and your learning.

If you are using the PDF version or are unable to access the interactive activity, don’t worry! Write your answers on paper.

Be sure to write these intended learning outcomes down and save them in a safe place, or copy the text into a document to save to your device. You will refer back to these learning outcomes later to see if you have met your personal goals!

Now that you have written down your goals, let’s take a look at the knowledge, strategies, and approaches that will help you reach them.


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